Dr Josephine Mazengarb & Ms Christina Mazengarb , 09 Oct 2017

I would like to commend Reside Real Estate for the excellent service they have provided my daughter Christina and myself in both the property management and eventual sale of the above property.


Reside were the selling agents when we purchased the property in 2011.    I purchased the property in my daughter's name as a gift, and she allowed me a commercial lease over the property which allowed me to sublet to the Sydney rental market.    

Reside have managed the property on our behalf and we have been very pleased indeed with the service they provided.   They have thoroughly vetted prospective tenants and ensured rental income was kept up to date and in line with the market.  

The property has never been empty for more than a few days and I think we have only had 3 changes of tenants in the whole 6 years. They have been meticulous in regular property inspections, have advised us promptly of any maintenance needs and have obtained quotes and supervised work that needed to be done.   Rent collected has been transferred to my bank account promptly at the end of each month and I have received a detailed statement of income and expenditure within a few days of the end of the month.


Christina decided to sell this property in mid 2017 intending to purchase Reside provided an evaluation of the market value and handled the marketing and sale process efficiently and smoothly, achieving a prompt sale in the anticipated market range.    The staff at Reside were at all times friendly, polite and helpful and both my daughter and I were happy with the final outcome.


We are both happy to recommend Reside Real Estate for both their property management and sales functions.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss this further.