Property Management - THANK YOU

Owner of a Rental Property in Buxton , 10 Jun 2020

I am not quite sure how to write a testimonial but basically I would like to express my gratitude for helping me out from the very beginning to resolve my stressful situation with the previous agent.


From the very beginning your office was professional and most importantly of all....honest!  I thought that I was very good at judging characters and thought I could spot a ‘car salesman’ who simply comes into your home and sells you lies and then does not deliver.  Unfortunately this was the case with the real estate who I initially selected to lease one of my most prized possessions (other than my life and my children).   The wool was clearly pulled over my eyes with this other real estate, BUT.....Sue Goulding I want to thank you and your team for assisting me to both eliminate a dishonest real estate and deal with a ‘tenant from hell’.


I can now sleep with ease and I do not have to worry about whether my real estate agent is dealing with issues regarding my rental property with my best interests in mind, because Reside Real Estate Picton is very much looking after me as well as the tenant, fairly, the way it should be.